Advanced Radio Devices ARD-230CA
Published 12/28/14

this is going to be a very worthy project

o2-26-2016 looks like the morot controler chip will have to be replaced
have you ever seen someone put a chip in like this ??
all I can say is WOW

Thank you Jeff N9IZ at
Here is the manual for
the Advanced Radio Devices ARD-230A
the 2 tube one

Now Here Thanks to Jon KD7KBK
the Advanced Radio Devices ARD-230CA Mnaual

Thank you Ross WB2WJF
For providing this diagnostic information

Thank you Thomas W7YR
For providing more refferance pictures of the 230a

Ok here are a few pics from QRZ where I found it

for a full size immage click on the pic

More Pictures to come

here is the shipping info The tracking numbers are:
Transformer - 7801 6587 3107 Box 16X16X16 - 77.3 Lbs
Control & Manual - 7801 6587 3118 Box 14X14X14 - 7.8 Lbs
Amplifer - 7801 6587 3129 Box 22X22X29 - 55.0 Lbs [Amplifer is 13X14X24 Lots of packing material]
well I did get insurance thank GOD



here are the HEX files I have so far

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