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Published 02/15/12

well this one looks bad



OK here are a few pics of how it came to me

for a full size image click on the pic

After a fair cleaning

more reflectance pics of the disassembly

ok it is disassembled now comes the deep cleaning and reassembly

with a few upgrades
looks like first of the upgrades is a fan shroud

I know this is the easy way but I love all the Harbach mods
they are nicly designed great quality parts and retivily easy to assemble
as you will see

well the little Harbach kits are built
they look prety good

refferance manuals

instalation of
Harbach boards

some day it will be hole again

notice the 2 holes drilled to hold the input band switch in place
the screws holding the assembly have been turned around to give the switch a sturdier mount
it won't spin out of allignment again

here are some final shots of the completed assembly

ok I guess I should make the list
Original cost of the sb-220 $200 The input band switch and plate meter were $140
The Harbach RM-220 Replacement Rectifier/Metering Board $35
The Harbach FB-220 Replacement Filter Capacitor Block $135
the Harbach RY-220 Replacement T/R Relay $35
The Harbach SK-220 Soft-Key $27
power coard and 3 pin 220 plug $18
total cost before labor gas to get parts ect.


Threw the tubes in the old Henry
here are a few vids

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