this is my new Project Page
Published 06/29/11

well this one seems to be 100% working

Want to follow along here is the manual


for a full size immage click on the pic

looks like someone spilled coffee in it time to clean it up
and I don't like the look if the power board 6/30/11

got it cleanrd up and the new power board is in
but it still needs the soft-key mod
and optimix input circuits 7/6/11

these pics are just to document what it looks like before I get started on more mods 7/6/11
Ok New Project amp as of11/28/12
with all new pics Take a look

will start with the soft-Start kit pics
Don't do like I did and put the electrolitic caps in backwards
I did fix it but it is not showen

here are pics of the power board instilation

Here are a few other mods I like to do to the SB-200
adding 2 variable caps to the input network making a pie network on 10 and 15 meter
and adding sonme grounding for the tune cap to the back panel grounds.

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