We are making a fresh start

Our new home

First I would like to apologize to everyone I left behind my friends, family, and extended family. You know who you are.. The Everett School District really knocked the wind out of my sails.. As anyone that really knew me would know..

But in rebuilding a life here in Saint David Arizona I have found a new home, some happiness, and a support group. They will never replace my roots in the north Seattle.. LOVE YOU ALL

Life here is not without it’s challenges. we have had to do some work to the house. There is a drainage situation during our monsoon season that will have to be addressed. Of course the antenna tower went up first and the radio shack is all working well. We are still unpacking, and I am still maintaining Mom’s place she passed 2 years ago now. and to top it all off my server just went down… Alas I needed more to do and a new website was very over due.

Our mailing address is

Bruce Gutschmidt

130 E Golden Bell RD, Saint David, AZ 85630